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Selected Works - 2012

Artwork Spotlight:
Prolific Remnant, Year I and II
Acrylics, plastic palette fixed onto a canvas panel

mixed media artwork by Ka-Son titled Prolific Remnant, Year 1 and 2

For the first 2 years of painting I worked constantly. Feverishly. This came from the excitement and joy I felt when painting. In doing so, I would just squeeze out fresh new acrylic paint to sit right on top of the dried or drying acrylic paint below. Over time the continuous paint over paint over paint began to build up into a hefty mound of random color blobs and crevices. After two years I decided to put it to the side and use a new palette.

Recently I picked up the old palette, took a close look at its dusty surface and realized, that this palette actually contains a small piece of every painting I've ever created during those 1st two years; over 100 paintings. It was then that I realized the weight of the palette, not just the literal weight, but the figurative. This palette made those paintings. This palette IS me. This is my self portrait during the first two years as a painter.

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