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Selected Works - 2011

Artwork Spotlight:
Urban Jungle
Acrylic on canvas
36" x 96"

painting by Ka-Son titled Urban Jungle

Based on one of the poems in the "A Poet-Whore, Pimped By Pain" collection. The poem is titled "Definition #4 — (A frustratingly or impenetrably complex system)", or its more famous definition: "The Ghetto". This poem, and painting, expresses a fantastical attempt to flee the trappings of one's environment. An Urban Jungle filled with symbolic imagery, where the desperate need is

" flee / Break my chains with haste / And test my legs’ strength,
As I stampede like a wild steed / A Stallion even / Shiny, black / Through my jungle of streetlights,
Cars with horns roaring / Like rhinos roughing road...

"...3-story apartment houses / To skyscraping projects / Towering over me like brick oak trees
Claustrophobing my mind / Walls caging in my ambition—

"Bullets gliding through air / With swiftness to challenge any hawk / Seeking to slay its prey
Or blind flight like a bat in daylight / Minus its radar sight / Smashing into innocent flesh—

"Born and raised here / Doesn’t mean I belong here / Or must stay here
To mingle with jackals, hyenas, snakes / Sneaky, two-faced...
Seeking to scavenge a hustle / Maiming minds with highs—

"Trying to kill to live / Can kill a good’s will to live / Force a heart to animalize / In order to survive...
I must continue my gallop / Before this jungle swallows me up—

"I must hoof it / My locked mane floating behind / As I dodge street posts lined / Like thick vines
...passing / Fenced and gated pieces of / Shielded property / Marked for privacy
Or each’s safety from each other / Neighboring strangers—

"Here I don’t belong / Eyes long for serene seas / Wind waving misty breezes / Like cool warmth,
Removing shoes from heel / Bruised and abused
By harsh jungle grounds / Now soothed / By sand crystal grains / massaged between toes / easing my brain

"Learned for survival / For now just wanna dive into / Tranquility,
Jungle walls removed from me,
Just lay back and breathe / My jungle a dream / No longer seeking free
Awaken mind with tight eyes and / Exhale
I am free."

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