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Selected Works - 2010

Artwork Spotlight:
Acrylic on canvas

painting by Ka-Son titled Momma

A depiction of a mother protecting her children from the trappings of the world in which they live. This piece has some elements that, to me, depict that motherly protection happening over a period of time. From her afro worn during the '70s; the ever-looming danger of the crack epidemic of the early '80s symbolized by the inflated crack vial; her bamboo earrings of the late 80s; the new police cars of the '90s, driven by many an officer looking for a reason to jail any youth of color; and the newly designed big-faced benjamins of the new millenium. There's also a road of emptiness that leads nowhere but to the early sunset of one's life. At the top center, the most dangerous of all the trappings, the lethal tool all too readily used in connection with every other image in this piece.

The children, despite all of this negativity, maintain a sense of innocence and unknowing thanks to the covering that is the mother's vast grip. This mother represents all mothers, mother-figures, or the mother as village and community, gathered together to raise the child. Her drapery is regal mother, respected mother, spiritual mother.

This is very much an autobiographical piece.

(Chosen for inclusion in the juried exhibition entitled "A Choice of Weapons: The New Renaissance Artist", In Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Gordon Parks birth - 1199SEIU Gallery, NYC, April 2012. Also featured in Catapult Art Magazine, Issue #23)

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