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In 2008, Ka-Son debuted a collection of poetic verse entitled "A Poet-Whore, Pimped By Pain", published by Whimsical Publications. This collection contains 80 works exploring a young man's struggles with life, love and the development of one's Self.

Poet-Whore, Pimped By Pain

“Ka-Son Reeves… has a lot on his young adult mind. He offers poignant, ‘in-yo’-face’, thought-provoking, challenging, make you get up and do something, change your ways type poetry and prose. His work screams of the images and experiences of urban life~good and bad. At times melancholy, provocative and even erotic, Reeves always moves toward the greater good/beauty, self-realization and inspiration that we all possess. His is a growing voice that further expands the rich legacy of this literary form.”

Richard J. McIntire, award-winning journalist, photographer and radio personality.