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No Man's Clay

In 2006, Ka-Son joined together with his brother Riff, as well as his wife CrespoWulf, to experiment with a sound based on their shared desire to express themselves through music. Through the use of Apple's Garageband software, Ka-Son produced and arranged the music that laid the foundation for that experimental sound. Added to that was the lyrical ability of both Ka-Son and Riff, along with the soulful vocals of CrespoWulf, and No Man's Clay was born.

"The movement behind No Man's Clay started with the word Nomenclature. Our attempts to classify our style sparked the realization that there was no true classification, because we exist in constant growth, constant changing, constant morphing. Like Bruce Lee, we don't believe in styles. Hence the molding, the idea of clay. Yet, despite the knowledge that we are indeed clay, we strive to be formed, molded, shaped by no one but ourselves, in control of our own selves, of our own creativity, individuality, and growth. Our clay belongs to No Man, but to life."
- Mr. ih•NIG•muh

No Man's Clay fuses the talents of Ka-Son aka Mr. ih•NIG•muh, CrespoWulf, and Riff the Goldyn Boy. All three hail from Flatbush, Crown Heights and Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, respectively. What they represent, is the universe.

"...Definitely walking on the road less Life and in our Creativity."

Check out the No Man's Clay sound below.